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What is 3PL and how can it help your business grow?

If you are searching for a 3PL partner then you most probably know that it stands for Third Party Logistics Provider. Whether you have just started a business, and need a partner to introduce you to new options and possibilities, or if you are an established business that is experiencing growth We are here to help you with your logistics needs.

What does a 3PL do?

Simply said, a 3PL is a company that handles all your logistics needs. From arranging for shipping, to storage. A 3PL is an extension of your existing infrastructure allowing you to reach solutions that would be otherwise time consuming and expensive. Customers are free to scale the level of involvement of a #3PL. Some have very basic shipping needs, and require a broker to move their loads creating value by offering the best pricing available for the most professional service.

Others have bigger needs from a #3PL and require a full supply chain partner, where complex information technology integrations are needed to connect internal TMS systems to the supply chain partner.

Three reason to choose a #3PL vs. an internal team


The most common reason to choose a third party partner is saving time and money. Hiring the right people to do the job is time consuming and expensive. Also, some companies do not have enough logistic's need to justify a full time team or even an employee in some cases.

2. Knowledge and experience

Most business are experts in their fields, but lack the experience of the freight and supply chain industry. #3PL providers work with a large number of customers on daily basis addressing those specific needs. This makes them experts in the field and know how to offer a complete package satisfying every requirement your business might have.

3. Scalability

a #3PL can help you scale your operations without committing to long term contracts and high costs. Grow the size of your operation when needed and scale down when things are calm. Many business have seasonal needs at peak times and low demand outside of those seasons.

Considering a #3PL provider?

With the large number of companies offering #3PL services out there, and the mass amount of information to process online. It is very difficult to make a qualified decision without spending countless hours of research, negotiations and internal meetings.

It is our believe that the company you chose should have a tailored solution for your business, and be able to satisfy all your needs.


As we all are aware, times have changed, and technology, machine learning and smart algorithms are a reality; you want to be sure to chose a company that has invested heavily in technology and has a clear vision to where the industry is moving. Focusing on this aspect will save you tons of needless emails, phone calls and text messages.

Scalability and flexibility

You want you partner with a business that can scale to your needs on demand. Offering your business both the resources and the attention you deserve to be successful. Although technology is vital in the industry, the human aspect of the freight market is as, if not more, important and should always be accessible.

Parting words

We at FreightOn would like to listen to your needs, and then provide with a custom tailored plan to satisfy those needs. We have both the industry and the technology experience to address every business large or small in customer centric approach.

Regardless of your needs, budget and size. You will always have our full attention and focus. A dedicated agent to help answer your questions and deliver results.

Our Technology experts have long experience working for technology pioneers. Our logistics experts are trained to offer you the best service at the best price.

Give us a call today to discuss your #3PL needs.

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