• Mo Asady

Introducing transparency into a secretive process

When we started FreightOn 3 years ago, we immediately noticed that lack of transparency in the industry. When a shipper submits a tender to a broker, that shipper is billed a fictional amount that does not necessarily relate to the actual cost incurred by the carrier.

It is normal for a carrier to charge $800 for a load, and for brokers to charge the shipper $1600. We have asked many of our shippers about their earlier experiences with brokers, large and small alike, and were surprised to see that none of those brokers offered any insight into the actual trending pricing of a load.

FreightOn believes in transparency, honesty and fairness. Although our agents are commission based, FreightOn's system shows shippers what bids we are getting on every load. Our shippers can actually themselves login and chose a winning carrier without getting back to the freight agent.

This way, our customers are always guaranteed the lowest available rate, for that specific tender, for that specific day taking into account market trends, weather conditions and historical data.

We do not offer fix pricing, as we do not believe that to be in the shippers best interest. Instead loads are listed on our system, for FREE, for carriers to bid on, let it be using our Android and iOS apps, email or calling in.

Carriers on the other hand, are guaranteed a plain playground, An honest and fair quick pay and detention pay. We do not discriminate carriers simply for not having 6 months DOT, or for unforeseen circumstances. Each carrier is evaluated based on their performance with FreightOn and the feedback we get from our shippers.

Our commission structure is transparent, one flat fee for all means no hidden fees. We simply charge a percentage on top of the carrier's bid. Try FreightOn today with a load to see how much we can save you. We have saved other shipper millions of dollars and will be happy to save you too.

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