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Updated: May 11, 2019

FreightOn is a startup with a goal to simplify the freight industry

Orlando, Florida / April 29,2019FreightOn today announces the launch of its new platform which will connect full truck load shippers to thousands of vetted carriers. Registration on FreightOn’s platform is free for both carriers and shippers and the platform has no listing fees.

Using the FreightOn platform, shippers will, for the first time, be able to know the real pricing for moving freight. All charges are based on the daily market prices and the bids coming from carriers. FreightOn is also the first 3PL provider going into the market with a fixed commission. Also, due to core system design that allows shippers to see all bids in real time, shippers can be confident that their loads will be moved for the lowest rate available.

FreightOn has also chosen not to have any in-house sales employees. Instead, all sales and account management will be performed by certified freight agents, usually within geographical proximity to shippers. Agents will maintain daily contact with their customers and ensure that their shipments are moving flawlessly. Business back-office support is always provided to all agents by the FreightOn senior management team.

“We spent 3 years in R&D to introduce a fully polished, well thought product that will transform the way companies deal with brokers and carriers. FreightOn aims to simplify the logistics industry by introducing complex software and machine learning algorithms, not to replace the human interaction, but to make it more efficient”, said Mo Asady, Co-founder and CEO.

The freight industry has been using the same techniques for the past century, it simply depends on load boards that have evolved into membership websites. Furthermore, it is completely based on one-to-one private phone interactions between carriers and the broker. FreightOn introduces transparency by making that negotiation public to other carriers, allowing them to know what the current lowest bid is on a load, and also for shippers giving them full control over pricing.

In recent years, many companies are entering the freight and third party logistics industry with similar missions. FreightOn is the only company that provides real transparency, and not only use it as a sales pitch. In an industry worth over 700B dollars, and truck driving being the number one job in the U.S, transforming it is long-overdue.


FreightOn is a platform, on a mission to simplify the third party logistics industry by introducing transparency, dedicated certified agents, and state of the art technology into an industry full of hidden fees and high commission. With FreightOn’s large number of agents nationwide, it will always be the business next door to every shipper.


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