• Mo Asady

Born in a warehouse

Unlike many newcomers that promise new technologies to the freight and 3PL industry, FreightOn has solid roots in the business side of the operation. We understand that this is a trade build on trust between people, and no matter the amount and complexity of technology, it is impossible to remove the human factor out of the equation.

But, similar the other so called “Uber for Freight” competitors, FreightOn has a great team of technical minds with decades of experience in the technology arena. We are proud that we created a platform where shippers and carriers alike are the center of attention. FreightOn is the only 3PL company in the industry that has fully transparent pricing.

When a shipper lists a load on the FreightOn system, they have full transparent access to all bids from our carrier network. Shippers also have access to our internal carrier rating, performance history and pricing history.

FreightOn charges a flat brokerage fee. We do not driver pricing up for shippers to make more commission, but on the contrary our agents are committed to negotiating the best deals with carriers without sacrificing punctuality and quality.

With FreightOn’s nationwide of certified freight agents. There is always a local agent in your area willing to work with you in order to satisfy all your business needs.

We understand the complexity of the freight industry, and are proud to call our selves experts. we consider our experience in handling difficulties when they arise our biggest strength, in such a dynamic environment with endless factors to consider.

If you have not already, contact us today to speak to a local agent. We are sure we can save you substantial shipping costs.

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